Exercise Your Brain Muscle With Physics Games

Are you in the mood for online fun, but not too into sports games or all kinds of shooting or war simulation games? Are you looking for a more active kind of fun in online gaming, one more stimulating for the mind? Well, my friend, then online physics games are definitely the best option for you: they bring the fun factor, they give you the right brain workout you are looking for, and they will surprise you with their huge diversity, too. Once you answer the first brain teaser, you’ll want more and more of this new kind of brain teaser online fun suitable for Einstein fans like you!

I have to confess that I too could join the group of online physics game addicts. I wouldn’t dare to declare myself one of the “experts” in this field, but I sure have racked up many hours trying to solve those brain-teasing riddles. As a “knowledgeable”, I have decided to present a brief ranking of the most popular types of them so that you know in advance what to expect once you go online with the determination to exercise your brain muscle and choose the types of physics games that suit you best. suit your preferences!

1. Balancing Physics Games

I think the title I’ve created for this category is more than suggestive: it’s your balancing skills that you have to rely on when playing these types of physics games online! Most of the time, the items you need to strategically place, one on top of the other, are simple geometric shapes. However, the simpler the graphics, the more challenging the game will be. If, within the first few levels, the balancing tasks to be performed are almost embarrassingly easy, don’t let this aspect put you off! As you progress and start new and new levels, you will find that placing those squares, those triangles and rectangles, in the given sequence, so that they remain well balanced, will challenge your strategic skills in a big way! Just a few millimeters could make a difference and cause the total collapse of the construction of geometric figures on the screen!

2. Physics platformers

Throw together the old school “flavor” of Mario games and some tricky and challenging puzzles to solve and you’ll find out for yourself what physics platformers are all about! The most representative games that fall into this category and that come to mind right now are Home Sheep Home and Snail Bob! Basically, what you have to do is help some characters on the screen, mostly animals, to get from point A to point B, walking along various platforms covered with all kinds of obstacles (charged areas of electricity, precipices/ gaps between two platforms, pointed traps, etc). On your screen you have all 안전놀이터  kinds of useful gadgets, all kinds of items that you can interact with and that would help your “teammate” safely avoid those obstacles, but of course you need to use your brain to spot those items. key (buttons you could press, ropes you could pull, logs you could click on and turn into some makeshift bridges, etc.). If these games appear “wrapped” in some cute/flashy cartoon-like graphics and also with some funny stories, then the overdose of mind-stimulating fun is guaranteed!

3. Physics based shooting games

We could call this kind of physics games “shooting games with a twist”. It’s not just about shooting, a simple throw of balls just for fun, but you are challenged to really think about the throw of those balls, to aim very precisely at your “target” so that the effect is as close as possible . to “complete removal”. Don’t think you’ll be wearing a cool sniper suit and chasing down some bad guys, as in most cases you’ll be aiming at a mere handful of balls, the main idea is to make them all disappear from your screen. The game I’m thinking of right now is Blosics, a very addictive shooting game that has also been given a touch of physics, where your goal is to destroy various compact structures made of various tiny blocks by shooting balls at them.