Omega 3 Fish Oil Brain Supplements – A Mandate During Pregnancy

Doctors around the globe recommend omega 3 fish oil brain supplements during pregnancy. These supplements are not only advantageous for the unborn baby but for the mother too. Let us understand in detail.

Fish-oil brain supplements are rich in DHA omega 3 fatty acid. DHA is the most vital omega 3 fat and is the major constituent of human brain. More than 30% of brain is made up of DHA. This means that for a healthy brain and for brain to function properly, body ought to have desired levels of DHA. In case of deficiency, brain can behave abnormally resulting into conditions ranging from mood swings, anxiety and depression bouts to severe health issues like Autism, Dyslexia, Memory loss, Bipolar disorder, ADHD, etc.

Since, mother is the only source of nutrition for an unborn baby; its brain development is related to the levels of DHA in the mother’s blood. You will be surprised to know that more than 80% of females are deficient in essential DHA fat. In other words, there is surely a need of high DHA supplements for brain.

In a recent study, it was observed that Buy Mind Lab Pro babies whose mother had fish supplements starting from third trimester (this is the time when fetus’s brain develops the most), had fewer sleep disorder and better hand/eye coordination. It was also observed that these babies when they grow old had fewer behavioral problems, better IQ, better eye sight and good retaining, comprehending and vocabulary skills. Their immunity levels were also high as in comparison to children whose mother did not take DHA supplements during pregnancy.

For the mother, advantages of a regular dose of these supplements are reduced risk of pre-term labor, cesarean, postpartum depression, and breast cancer. These supplements are also helpful in preventing miscarriages, premature babies, and low birth weights.

A word of warning, all these benefits of brain supplements can be reaped to the maximum extent, only if high quality fish oil is selected and is consumed daily. Be aware that a substandard product can do more harm than good.

For best results rely on supplements that have undergone molecular distillation process. This process ensures that the supplements are pure and are of pharmaceutical grade quality. In addition, effective supplement has high content. 1000 mg of oil should at least contain 250 mg of DHA.