Rio Carnival Parades 2009

The world renowned motorcades of the Rio are a blend of samba dance, samba drums, melodies, ensembles, dynamite floats and unique effects.There are 72 samba schools in Rio and they all procession during the 4 days of amusement park from Saturday 21st to Tuesday 24th Feb, 2009. They are totally recorded underneath, with the dates they march and where you can track down them. The samba schools are coordinated into serious associations. The samba school marches will occur in 2 areas, the Marquês de Sapucaí (AKA the Avenida, the Sambódromo, the Passarela) in the focal point of town, and Estrada Intendente Magalhães in the external rural areas.

The top gathering, and the most stunning, is Grupo Especial, with the greatest schools, the most astonishing ensembles, the most costly tickets, and around 5000 individuals in each samba school. Grupo An is additionally in the sambodromo, and has some exceptionally intricate motorcades, however tickets are less expensive. You can purchase tickets for these motorcades ahead of time on the web, or from vacationer offices in Rio up to the day of the processions. Grupo RJ1 (ex Grupo B) is in the sambodromo as well, entrance is free, however the schools have substantially less cash to spend on being tremendous.

The remainder of the associations additionally march over Rio de Janeiro Carnival Tickets amusement park end of the week. Their processions are a lot more modest, participation is free, and they occur far away, at Estrada Intendente Magalhaes. The further down the rundown, the more modest the schools. Grupo RJ4 has around 800 members in each samba school.

Just as the proper samba school marches, there are casual and free motorcades of blocos (road festival gatherings) all over town, particularly in the Rio Branco and in Copacabana and Ipenima. Some blocos are a few times bigger than the greatest samba schools and everybody can participate, rather than simply watching. The blocos by and large have samba drum groups and melodies and bloco shirts, however the outfits are casual – you’ll see individuals in fluctuating levels of extravagant dress rather than a coordinated specatacular march.

GRUPO ESPECIAL – Sun 22nd Feb – PASSARELA DO SAMBA 1 Império Serrano 2 Acadêmicos Do Grande Rio 3 Unidos De Vila Isabel 4 Mocidade Independente De Padre Miguel 5 Beija-Flor De Nilópolis 6 Unidos Da Tijuca

GRUPO ESPECIAL – Monday 23rd Feb – PASSARELA DO SAMBA 1 Unidos Do Porto Da Pedra 2 Acadêmicos Do Salgueiro 3 Imperatriz Leopoldinense 4 Portela 5 Estação Primeira De Mangueira 6 Unidos Do Viradouro