The Sliding Sash Window The Old Re Imagined As the New

The sliding sash window has been around for many years, architecturally speaking. It did go into a bit of a decline in popularity, when the first double glazed casements and plastic windows came out: but now, thanks to an initiative from a respected Irish company, it is back. The sash window has been re imagined as the most modern of domestic fittings: and finally, its beauty is offset by a proper usability.

The old style sash window looked amazing – but it was very difficult to guarantee its long lasting service. The sash raising mechanism was usually made of rope and metal, which meant that the rope rotted and frayed while the metal rusted and stopped rolling properly. Inevitably, homes that had a single glazed sliding sash window fitted would end up with ground floor windows sealed shut by a new coat of paint: or upper floor windows that used to bang closed of their own accord as the sash pulley suddenly gave against the weight of the window.

The modern sash window retains the beautiful looks of the older model: but has completely re designed the way it works. Obviously, the sash still slides up and down, otherwise the thing would not be called a sliding sash at all – but the way in which it actually works has been improved beyond recognition. The sliding parts of the pulley system are all synthetic and completely weather resistant – and of Double Glazing Sash Windows Kent course modern double glazing technology means that the warmth retention and noise buffering of the modern sliding sash window make it ideal for use in domestic environments.

There are three basic incarnations of the new sliding sash: the economy version, the regular version and the bespoke version. The economy sash is able to be fitted in just about any window hole, using versatile narrow jambs to fill the available space properly. The regular version of the modern sash comes with an oversized interior jamb so the wooden frame fits over and around a window hole, rather than inside it. This version of the modern sliding sash window is probably most commonly used and popular. It adds a real element of class to every interior and exterior that uses it – turning the room in which the sash is situated into a place with a real modern “drawing room” feel to its walls and glazing.

The bespoke version of the modern sash is a real beauty – an absolutely stunning window that can be built into any sized room at all. The top range sliding sash is operated by a system of four counterweighted, perfectly balanced spring pulleys – allowing for silent and smooth motion even in its largest form, and ensuring that the window mechanism locks at every required stage without any danger of the sash dropping.

The modern sliding sash window allows architects and builders to reintroduce that element of style and class into their buildings – the thing that has been missing from the British home over the last couple of decades. With improved functionality and the same great looks, it’s a winning bet all round.