What Form of Glucosamine Works Best?

Many people considering using glucosamine for arthritis and joint problems wonder which form of glucosamine is best. There are physiological as well as physical considerations when choosing glucosamine.

The two types of glucosamine are the liquid and the pill forms of the supplements. The pill forms are favored by the larger pharmacy and big box stores because the glucosamine pills’ long expiration times; the pill version of the product have much longer expiration times than do the liquid versions. This is the reason the liquid form is not stocked by many stores.

The tablet and pill forms of glucosamine also contain filler material which has no benefit to the user. Additionally, the filler material can actually inhibit the absorption of the active ingredient. For this reason, many folks discover that the glucosamine liquid is by far the better choice.

It should be noted here that the expiration dates are not really a problem for users of the liquid forms of glucosamine. Even an 8 ounce bottle of glucosamine normally has the Rad-140 expiration date of well over 18 months from the time of purchase. An 8 ounce bottle will last most people approximately 30 days of regular use.

The distinction most important in most folk’s minds when they make a decision as to which to take is how easy the liquid form is. There are many people who have severe issues with taking pills or capsules.This makes having the liquid form available very important. This form can easily be poured in a favorite drink like grape or orange juice. Other people pour the supplement over their food such as salads or into serial. Although many glucosamine products have added flavor of some type, the dosage is so small that the flavoring is rarely noticed when the supplement is poured into or over most foods.

Many think that taking the capsule forms is easier because they don’t need to measure the dosage with a measuring device. However, most of the liquid forms come with a handy reservoir that is built into the top of the bottle.

All that one has to do to simply remove the cap, squeeze the bottle, and fill the reservoir to the marked dosage level. Then the glucosamine can be poured over food or into a juice. Many of the products have some flavoring added but the dosages are so small that the flavor is not usually noticed on food. This easy to use measuring device built right into the bottle makes the liquid form of glucosamine the product of choice for most people needing an arthritis supplement.