Black Granite Countertops

If you’ve been out shopping for new houses lately you have probably noticed the vast number of granite type countertops that are in the majority of the homes. Granite is one of the most popular surface installations for new and upgraded homes and for good reason. It combines durability with aesthetics for the ultimate in usability with any home scenario.

But granite isn’t just durable,Black Granite Countertops Articles it has other advantages that will help you daily when you are busy using your kitchen. Because granite is resistant to heat it makes it easy to cook around because you don’t have to worry about leaving a burn mark as you would with surfaces like wood or laminate. Granite is also very resistant to bacteria which means that if you leave a spill on the counter for a few days or even an hour, or are cooking with raw meat a lot, you don’t have to worry about getting sick from second touches to the area.

Granite is a very versatile rock because it can be made in almost any color imaginable. You of course will not be able to get customizable designs as you would with laminate countertops, but these types of designs have mostly gone out of style which doesn’t make it a good buying point for laminate. In most cases over the past five years when people do purchase laminate counters they end up getting a granite lookalike print so they can mimic having granite countertops but without paying installing granite countertops the larger price, but when compared side by side, there really is no comparison.

Black granite is a specific type of granite that is known for bringing out the natural beauty that is in granite rocks. Because of its black surface you can easily see the crystals that are inside of the granite rock as opposed to other colors where this does not stand out as well. Although black graniteis a division of granite stone, it comes in several different styles itself.. Some of the different types of this material include star galaxy, impala black, emerald black, Zimbabwe black and ubatuba so depending on the look you are going for you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

In today’s market granite is one of the most popular countertop options that you can possibly have inside your home. If you are looking to upgrade your home to prepare to sell it then it’s a great investment and although you will spend more money initially, this will be returned to you once you sell the house because of the amount of money which you can append to the houses selling price. You should also take into consideration that because people prefer granite countertops, it will be easier to sell your home when someone comes inside to see it which could mean one less (or more) house payment that you have to make since it could allow you to sell the home quicker.